Board Support Services

An essential feature of good corporate governance is holding formal board meetings regularly and documenting decisions made at such meetings. At Quality Corporate Services Ltd.("QCSL"), we appreciate that achieving stellar corporate governance includes maintaining  accurately and clearly recorded proceedings at meetings, this is especially the case with regard to Cayman registered funds. 


At QCSL our qualified and dedicated specialist have a combined 30 plus years of experience providing board support and corporate secretarial (“Co-Sec”) services to funds, strata boards and other companies. We understand the terminology used by investment managers, fund directors, fund administrators and auditors in the Cayman’s industry, a skill which aids in the provision of quality drafted meeting minutes.

Our services are on offer to individual fund structures (whether stand alone or Segregated Portfolio Companies) or general companies. 


We also provide professional support to board support service providers that require long or short term assistance ( due to work over load or staff shortages) to enable timely service to clients. We recognize that sourcing board support staff can often be challenging and also comes with other recruitment costs including, a break in continuity of timely service to clients due to new staff not being familiar with drafting styles and stakeholder relationships.

QCSL offers competitive board support package plans as well as ad hoc board support services on a needs basis, when required.

Our services include:

  • coordinating board meetings as per client needs;

  • liaising with fund administrators, auditors and investment managers to prepare board packs;

  • preparing and circulating board packs;

  • meeting attendance (in person or via conference call);

  • proxy services (board or shareholder meetings); 

  • recording of board meetings and minute transcription; and 

  • professional support to board support services providers.     

To learn more about our board support services plan and related rates please contact us at: