Registered Office

Cayman Islands Company Law requires that all companies registered in Cayman have a physical presence in the Islands in the form of a Registered Office. All entities other than ordinary companies must maintain their Registered Office with a licensed services provider.


Our Registered Office services include the following.

  • Provision of a physical mailing address for the company
  • Display of the company name
  • Maintaining the Register of Mortgages and Charges
  • Maintaining the Register of Directors and Officers
  • Maintaining the Register of Members
  • Submission of the Annual Return to the Cayman Islands Government
  • Co-ordination of all filings with the Registrar of Companies

For practical reasons the Registered Office will normally maintain and safeguard other important records and documents for the company such as:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Minute books

  • Agreements and other contractual documents